Preparing For Winter

When the UK is in the midst of winter, you’re likely to face the effects of the cold and damp that come with it. But these issues affecting your home and finances do not have to be inevitable.

You need to know how to prepare for winter when it comes to caring for your home, and what to do should certain incidents take place.

A good thing to remember is that if you need to hire any equipment, we have all you need at Speedy Services. Whether it is flooding recovery equipment, or Access Towers to safely check your guttering, with 4-hour delivery and over 200 service centres across the UK, we are here for you in an emergency.



What To Do Before Winter

1. Check your roof and guttering

Leaves, twigs, and general sludge can all block guttering and downspouts, causing water to overflow. Often, we only notice this when we have water crashing down into the garden.

It must be fixed ASAP, but ensuring your guttering is ready for the worst of the rain is best practice. You can read our guide on how to clean guttering, which will give you some tips on what to do.

You will need to hire an access tower or ladder, a pressure washer and a small brush and shovel to clear all leaves and dirt. Always get somebody to help you when working at height, and wear PPE that will protect your eyes and hands from any debris.

If the water has a chance to get away right from the start, you’re less likely to suffer from any guttering-related issues, such as the pipe breaking because of the weight or your walls becoming damp with the excess water.

Also check your windows and doors are sealed properly when closed, to prevent excess rainwater from getting into your home.


2. Know if you are at risk of flood

The first thing to bear in mind when it comes to any weather-related risk is that prevention and protection are better than recovery. When it comes to floods, the use of sandbags and other flood defences is really important if you are at high risk.

But unfortunately, no matter how much we prepare, the winter weather can suddenly change, and flood waters can quickly rise before we have a chance to intervene.

It is worth knowing what to do in case your home floods. You will need water pumps and drying equipment and will also need to follow the guidance of your local authorities in terms of safety.

Here at Speedy Services, we have a range of submersible pumps and drying equipment available for hire, and with Click & Collect and 4-hour nationwide delivery available, you can start to clear away the water as soon as you’re allowed back into the property.


3. Test your heating

You don’t want to turn your heating system on when you need it the most and then realise that it isn’t working. Get your central heating and boiler serviced annually; ensure you do this in plenty of time before the cold weather sets in.

  • SPEEDY TOP TIP: Having your heating on a timer, at a constant low temperature, will prevent pipes from freezing

A pipe which is frozen and then heats up can burst, causing your home to flood. To prevent frozen, burst pipes, you may want to consider lagging them.

Once you know it all works, you don’t have to start using it constantly. Using temporary heaters to take the chill off your home rather than adding to your gas bills is a good idea. You can read about [which temporary heating is best for your home] in our guide.


4. Know what to do in a power cut

The Met Office has some really good tips on what to do if you experience a power cut, from having batteries and torches to hand to keeping mobile phones and power banks charged and switching off appliances.

As well as being aware, it is also a good idea to think about generators for longer-term blackouts. This could be especially relevant for anyone living in remote areas, where the power supply is particularly precarious.

If you do have a generator, you will need to have the fuel for the power supply to hand too. Also, consider what you need to prioritise for the generator and whether you can switch to any alternatives (such as a gas travel hob).


5. Check your insurance

If something were to go wrong due to the weather, such as damp walls, floods or a huge repair required for your central heating, you need to know what is covered—and what is not.

It is worth taking out a home insurance policy which covers you for all of these things anyway. Even if you think they’re unlikely, you will be thankful for paying that few pounds extra per month for potentially thousands of pounds of cover.

Sometimes, no amount of preparation can help you prevent weather damage to your property. But having a good insurance plan, and hiring the necessary equipment from Speedy, can help take a weight off your shoulders.




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