How Long Do I Need a Skip For?

You know you need a skip, as you have waste to get rid of. But with the cost of your hire being determined by both the size of the skip and the hire period, you probably want to try and not hire anything for too long.

It is hard to know just how long to hire a skip for when you haven’t yet fully started the job. If you hire a skip from Speedy, we will talk you through everything you need to know.

The below gives you a guide on what to consider.



How Long Should I Hire a Skip For?

Firstly, most skip-hire companies will have a minimum hire period. This is often seven to ten days, but others can give you a set price for two weeks' use.

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At Speedy Skip Hire we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know.

Even if you don’t take a minimum hire period to do the job, this gives you ample time to ensure the skip has all waste in, and that there is nothing in there that shouldn’t be.

However, a hire period can usually be extended for longer projects. You may also need to extend your time with the skip because the typical British weather has scuppered your plans to spend all your time in the garden.

So, while some hire companies will allow you to hire a skip for a single day, it can be rare. If one-day skip hire is offered, the skip will often be dropped off very early in the morning to allow full usage availability.

Once you have established any limitations or regulations, you then have to decide on your skip hire period based on your requirements.


How long will the job take?

If you’re renovating a house after finishing the 9-5 job every day, this process could take longer than giving the renovation your full-time attention.

Likewise, a quick clear-out of your loft space, garage or shed could just take you a weekend, whereas tackling every single room will take considerably longer. Is everything you need to get rid of already organised and in one place, so it is just a case of moving it to the skip? Or are you hiring your skip before starting to clear out your rooms one by one?

All of these issues need to be considered before you hire.

How long is your permit/parking suspension?

If your skip will be placed on the road, you will have to obtain a permit and possibly a parking suspension. These will be an additional cost, so you may want to try and limit the hire period.

Most councils will have a zonal map, so the rules can differ between zones. Town centres and busy main roads will often have different regulations than a quiet, non-traffic sensitive roads. Some councils will automatically have a maximum permit period in all areas, commonly 7 days. However, under certain circumstances, you can apply for a longer period or apply to extend this.

While you can apply to extend permits and parking suspensions if submitted with enough time, there is no guarantee it will be accepted. Again, any extension will often incur additional costs, which you may want to be mindful of.

It is against the law to use a skip which is not covered by a permit if one is required and can result in prosecution.

Is there a time limit on how long I can keep a skip?

Yes. Unfortunately, you can’t keep a skip forever! While you may think it is easier to hire a large skip and keep it throughout your three-month planned renovation project, it just isn’t practical.

If you will have a long-term project, it could be easier to hire a smaller skip more frequently. Prolonged use of a skip also means it is prone to the effects of the weather, such as rain, which you don’t want to fill up your skip.

Some skip hire companies will allow you to delay the skip collection at short notice and may not charge for this. The only reason why they may say no is because their demand outweighs their availability, and they are losing business.


I need a skip for a few months. What can I do?

As mentioned, for a long-term project, you may be better off hiring a small skip regularly, such as once per month. Or, if you won’t have much waste in a short time period, use a skip bag. You can often organise their collection months after they are delivered.

But do be aware that they will be collected by an HGV, just like a skip will. Therefore, placement is important. You will also still require a permit if it needs to be placed on a public highway or road. So, the ongoing cost of renewing your permit can mean it is an expensive option.

Some companies may give you some flexibility here though; ring Speedy today to see if we can meet your needs. We do offer lidded, enclosed skips if weather will be an issue.



Is There Skip Hire Near Me?

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At Speedy we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know. 

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