Speedy’s Network Rail Route to Gold

Speedy has again been awarded Network Rail’s Route to Gold award, becoming the only small rail plant/tool provider to have and retain Gold.

The Network Rail Route to Gold Programme of Plant Reliability initiative recognises plant suppliers for supplying reliable plant equipment to the Network Rail managed infrastructure, while showing a commitment to improvement and innovative practices.

This is a huge achievement for the Speedy Team and acknowledges all their hard work and commitment, recognising the efforts of all colleagues involved in the delivery of services in the UK.


“In what is clearly a challenging environment as a small plant supplier, Speedy have worked hard as a business to maintain a Gold standard of reliability. Retaining Gold is in no small part down to the attention to assurance and training across the business on operators and fitters and a highly professional approach to failure recognition and prevention. In recognition, Speedy retain the Gold Award.”


James Helm, Project Manager, Plant Reliability Team, Network Rail:

“Speedy began the journey of uploading shifts onto the Network Rail Plant Performance System (Rail PPS) back in July 2017 which marked the beginning of tracking the CD400 clipping machine as it was introduced to the UK Rail Industry.

In fact, the first week of shifts saw the first failure recorded against it as a ‘bolt broke in the clipping shoe with no time lost’.  What this journey has shown is how Rail PPS has recorded the continuous improvements Speedy have made through the early failure modes in 2017-19 where the CD400 was fully tested in the demanding British weather and against the fixed assets of our railway.

Over the last seven years, nearly 2 ½ thousand CD400 shifts have been captured across the Speedy fleet of CD400 machines with the 48 failures recorded reducing greatly in the last few years to make it one of the most reliable clipping machines and a machine of choice for the Client.

This is in no small part down to the dedication and commitment of the Speedy Rail Team to work hard to continue to improve their hire service. In recognition, I am delighted Speedy have retained their Gold status in the Network Rail Route to Gold Programme of Plant Reliability.”


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