Events take a lot of organisation, equipment, and set-up. Most of the equipment for these events will be hired, and Speedy has everything you need to help the event of your dreams become reality.

Whether you're hosting a food festival, music festival, charity event, exhibition, seminar, or trade show, you need to consider:

  • Fencing and barriers
  • Lighting
  • Ground protection
  • Power
  • Accommodation and break areas for workers/staff


Site Fencing

Fencing is required to prevent anyone without tickets from gaining entry to your event, as well as crowd control, and preventing overcrowding in particular areas. Barriers can also help with queue control, and shutting off areas to the general public.

Therefore, they are vital for increased security and for safety. Here at Speedy, we have a range of fencing options available, such as heavy-duty anti-climb fencing and pedestrian and vehicle access gates.

We also have crowd control barriers for creating queues and shutting off inaccessible areas to the public. If hosting a music festival, Speedy has sound control barriers available to hire which can reduce the noise levels in residential areas.

If delivery vehicles will need access to your site, use traffic separators to separate the vehicle access and pedestrian pathway areas.




Fencing also helps increase site security overnight. If you're looking for an all-in-one site security package to protect your event when unattended, Speedy Customer Solutions has Site Security Solutions available. From CCTV Systems to Alarms, we can work with specialised companies to give you one complete package catered to your site, to protect your site.



Lighting is vital to ensure the safety of customers when it begins to go dark during your event. They should be positioned on walkways and refreshment/food areas to increase visibility.

But lighting can also assist with security overnight. If you have an event taking place over the space of a few days, you need to keep everything set up over this time. Lighting can reduce the risk of vandalism or security issues when the site is unattended.

With many events over the summer running late into the night, Speedy can provide the right lighting solution for every occasion. From lighting towers to illuminate large areas to festoon lighting for smaller-scale illumination, our LED lighting fleet is one of the largest in the industry and delivers excellent eco credentials too.

We also have battery and solar-powered lighting solutions available, reducing the need for generators on-site and improving your eco-credentials. People want to know the event they're going to take the planet seriously, so this is a great selling point.






From all your lighting to music, charging stations, and food trucks, electricity power is vital. On temporary sites, generators will be the answer.

Generators can provide power to everything you need to ensure the event runs smoothly, as well as backup power. Speedy has a huge range of generators available, so whatever is the best solution for you, we have you covered.





From break and catering areas for staff to accommodation for performers or VIP guests, you'll likely need some form of accommodation on your event site. Speedy can provide you with specialised Accommodation Solutions whether this is equipment storage, break and rest areas, or portable toilets.

We can also provide welfare vans, canteens, and changing rooms, so whoever you are catering for or hosting, we have you covered.




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