As announced to the Stock Market on 26th April 2011, Speedy Hire plc (“Speedy”) has agreed to sell its Accommodation division, consisting of 14 depots and 17,000 assets to Elliott Group Limited (“Elliott”).

Simultaneously, both companies will sign a reciprocal and exclusive 3 year Partnering Agreement that will see both businesses work together to provide to each other’s respective customers a seamless and extensive range of hire services.  Speedy see tremendous opportunities from this type of partnering collaboration which is a common way of working within many of the markets in which we operate – where partners work together to share knowledge, skills, best practice and investment requirements.

The Partnering Agreement means that Elliott will exclusively provide all cabin, modular building and portable toilet services to Speedy and Speedy will exclusively provide generators, tools, compressors, lifting, survey, and pumping equipment to Elliott.  Also as part of the arrangement Speedy engineers will provide extensive generator servicing support to all Elliott accommodation within the UK.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Speedy Account Manager or email accommodation@speedyservices.com

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