New 7.5t electric truck joins the speedy fleet

Speedy Services are pleased to announce that their Manchester Service Centre has recently taken delivery of the latest electric 7.5t truck into their fleet, helping the business to drive down their carbon emissions and providing a positive impact on the environment.
Speedy have ambitious sustainability targets, and this is yet another amazing example of the major steps that they are taking to reach net carbon zero before 2050!


Speedy recognises the part it plays in supporting a transition to a net zero carbon world. As part of their commitment to significantly reducing carbon emissions, for FY2022 science-based targets have been set to achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

A science-based target (SBT) provides a clearly defined pathway for Speedy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement to limit climate warming by 1.5 °C by 2050, helping to prevent the impacts of climate change and ensuring sustainable business growth.

Speedy SBT will be verified by the Science Based Targets Initiative and will be published over the coming year.



Speedy have long been committed to providing the energy-efficient equipment, logistics and progressive ways of working to aid the construction industry in its quest for a net zero carbon built environment.

In line with the UK Government’s commitment to achieve zero net carbon by 2050, Speedy are focused on significantly reducing carbon emissions within their business and throughout the supply chain.

The investment of the new 7.5t electric truck represents a strategic investment that not only futureproofs the Speedy fleet but also ensures the business has access to energy-efficient equipment needed to help drive down carbon emissions to reach its net zero ambitions.


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