Why You Need to Find a Registered Waste Carrier

If you need to dispose of household rubble, old appliances, or garden waste, you may need some help. Taking everything to the local recycling centre would potentially involve several car trips, and so you may need to use specialised disposal services.

This is when contacting a dedicated waste disposal company can be beneficial. Hiring a skip through Speedy Services will instantly ensure all of the required rules and regulations are automatically arranged.



Reputable waste carriers will do all of the heavy lifting, disposal and sorting on your behalf. But if you’re already trying to keep costs low when carrying out work, it can be an expensive additional financial obligation.

Many may try to find the cheapest option through social media or word of mouth. However, if a carrier is offering this service for a lower cost than rivals, it could mean that they are bypassing the legal and environmental requirements for waste disposal.


What you need to look for when finding a waste carrier

When choosing a waste disposal service, don’t just pick the cheapest option or the first person you see advertising disposal services on social media.

Opting for a registered company is a good idea, so hiring a skip or van removal company is the first step. But you also need to check they hold a Waste Carrier License. Why?


1. It reduces fly-tipping

Fly tipping is a severe environmental issue in the UK. With local waste recycling centres becoming stricter with what they accept, and often limiting how many times a company can use their services for free, some disposal companies or builders are choosing to dump their waste rather than pay fees to dispose of the waste correctly.

They often pick secluded, rural spots which will have a detrimental effect on local wildlife and makes it more difficult for the issue to be dealt with. But these areas are not alone; back alleyways, car parks and abandoned land are also hotspots for fly-tipping.

If your chosen contractor has a Waste Carrier License, they will have paid for this and given their details over to the Environmental Agency for inclusion on the public register.

This means they are responsible and aware of the rules around waste disposal.


2. Legal obligations

While the waste from your renovation project will eventually be dealt with by the disposal contractor, even when it is out of your hands, it is still your legal responsibility to ensure it is dealt with correctly.

If you hire a contractor who does not appropriately deal with the waste, you can still legally be fined if the waste is traced back to you. The fine can be up to £5,000. You should record as much information about your contractor as possible, such as the vehicle they use and the names of everyone you dealt with in case something goes wrong.

This is why hiring a skip through a trusted company is a safe, reliable choice to limit any repercussions.


3. Environmental obligations

Fly tipping isn’t the only issue when disposing of waste incorrectly. For instance, fridges need to be stripped down and all individual parts recycled or disposed of correctly, as some parts are hazardous. Asbestos, batteries, and solvents are harmful to the environment, too.

If these were to be dumped, they could cause a health hazard to anybody unintentionally exposed to them and could also damage the environment and wildlife habitats.

Some materials can also be recycled, such as paper, plastics, and cardboard, which reduces general waste disposal. All of your waste forms part of your carbon footprint, so the more you do to reduce waste and recycle all you can, the lower your footprint.


4. Waste transfer notices

Responsible contractors should be able to give you a waste transfer notice, which will give you all of the information you need to know regarding where your waste will be disposed of. It will also give you their contact details.

This will give you peace of mind and proof of proper disposal, which reduces the likelihood of any issues or questions down the line.


Things to be wary of

As mentioned, you shouldn’t just opt for the first person you see advertising their waste disposal services on Facebook. But there are a few other pointers to bear in mind to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company, too:

  • Don’t pay cash. Businesses should be able to take bank transfers or card payments and will provide you with a receipt and invoice if you ask for one
  • Never accept unorganised collections. If somebody knocks on your door offering to take the waste in your yard away, this may be a sign of an unsolicited waste carrier
  • Do expect to pay. Sometimes, appliances can be collected for free if the contractor can use waste metals for instance. But usually, low costs are to be treated with suspicion


Hiring a skip from Speedy Services

Speedy offers skip hire nationwide, with a range of sizes and waste types accommodated. Skips can be open or lidded, and a range of additional related products are also available for hire.

Speedy will collect your skip at the arranged time and dispose of everything inside in a proper and official manner. This gives you added peace of mind that all of your waste will be dealt with correctly.



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