Appointed Person Crane

Course Overview

Duration: 5 Days
Max Number of Delegates: 6
Length of Certification: 3 Years
Accreditation: Certificated

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for personnel who will need to write lift plans, method statements and supervise the lift when required.


To provide the necessary information, instruction and training in order for delegates to perform the function of Appointed Persons for Lifting Operations.

Training Methods

Classroom based and practical planning and group participation.

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Additional information

On completion of the course, delegates will be conversant with the principles and practices of Lift Planning in order to be appointed to perform the function of Appointed Persons under British and International standards.


  • Statutory Requirements:
    The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974:
    Section 2, General duties of employers
    Section 7 & 8, General duties of employees
    Powers of the Inspectorate
    The Provision and Use of Work Equipment
    Regulations 1998 (An overview)
    The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment
    Regulations 1998:
    Regulation 7 – Marking of Lifting Equipment
    Regulation 8 – Organisation of Lifting Operations
    Regulation 9 – Thorough Examination and Inspection
    Regulation 10 – Reports and Defects
    Regulation 11 – Keeping of Information



  • British Standards:
    BS7121 Part 1 General 2006: Safe Use of Cranes
    BS7121 Part 3 Safe Use of Mobile Crane
    Managing the Lifting Operation
    Planning the Lifting Operation
    The Role of the Lift Planner
    Basic Lifts – Standard Lifts – Complex Lifts
    The Role of the Crane Supervisor
    Tandem Lifting
    Crane Signalling
  • Mobile Crane:
    Slinging to a Mobile Crane
    Duty Charts for Mobile Cranes
    Working with Duty Charts
    Positioning of a Crane to Move a Load
  • Practical Planning:
    Planning the lifting operation
    Establishing weight and centre of balance
    Inspection of load to be lifted
    Selection of method and equipment
    Safe route planning
    Load lifting and movement
    Job Completion Procedure
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statements:
    Identification of Risks
    Compiling risk assessments.
    Compiling method statements/sequence of
    Controlling the lifting operation following the
    sequence of events in the method
  • Delegate Assessment:
    Theoretical assessment
    Writing a complete lift plan including full risk assessment and method statement.
Course Summary – Review
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