LED Magnetic Floodlight

LED Magnetic Floodlight

Product Code: 22/0030-h

Magnetically attached floodlights can be used in steel framed buildings to deliver temporary lighting solutions.

Weight 5kg
Height 300mm
Wattage 30w
Voltage: V 110v
Portable Transformer 3kw
Lumens 4050
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Wattage Voltage: V Portable Transformer Lumens Dimensions Power Output Standby Power Consumption Lamp life Light Spread Light Source LED Price
LED Magnetic Floodlight 5kg 300mm 30w 110v 3kw 4050 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Elite 50W LED Mini Pod 2.25kg 210mm N/A 110v N/A 4050 315x285x230mm 50W 110v 30,000hrs 120° 1

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