Speedy and Firefly
Speedy delivered excellent return on investment and met the site requirements

As part of London’s Crossrail systemwide project, Costain set up two independent welfare sites in Brentwood. The first site was powered by a 60 kVA diesel generator and consisted of six standard 20ft cabins.
The second welfare site had some dispensation for planned night work. However being located in an urban area, noise was an issue as the ten cabins were powered by a 100 kVA generator, which was located near a residential apartment block. Critical power was required overnight but noise was an obvious concern for Crossrail Anglia’s Keith Kirwan, Site Work Co-ordinator.
In both cases Costain were also interested in finding ways to reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint of operations. The power provider was approached to see if there was any way to address these challenges.
The Solution
A CYGNUS® Three Hybrid Power Generator was installed on each site. Initially both locations were set up so that the CYGNUS® HPG automatically provided silent power overnight from 7pm to 7am. The power suppliers worked together to monitor performance and report the results to Costain and Crossrail Anglia.

The Results 60 kVA

On the smaller site, powered by the 60 kVA generator, the CYGNUS® Three HPG was set to autonomously manage site power solely based on load requirement. This meant the diesel generator only ran when the batteries required charging or if there were high power requirements.

The results showed the CYGNUS® Three HPG provided power for 51% of the time, equivalent to 86 hours each week. This resulted in a saving of just over 411 litres of fuel per week – and an overall reduction in the cost of running the site.

The Results 100 kVA

On the larger 100 kVA site, the initial results suggested that more could be done to optimise savings, as the timer function didn’t accommodate the varying overnight work pattern. Speedy and the client decided to replace the CYGNUS® Three HPG with the latest CYGNUS® Four HPG from Firefly.

The CYGNUS® Four has almost twice the power and storage capacity of the CYGNUS® Three. The change delivered significantly improved results, with the night shift able to automatically access as much silent power as was needed. The new set up also meant that noise disruption was kept to a minimum, as the diesel generator only ran when it was needed, with the CYGNUS® Four HPG providing power at all other times. On average the CYGNUS® Four HPG provided power on site for just over 20 hours per day. It also saved more than 903 litres of fuel per week, which is equivalent to 2.41 tonnes of CO2.


“I have been impressed with the performance of the Fireßy units on site. They have delivered excellent return on investment and met the Costain SHE site requirements for reducing CO2 and noise pollution on the Crossrail Systemwide contract.”

Keith Kirwan, Site Work Co-ordinator, Crossrail Anglia

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