Colleague Testimonial - Beth Gillard
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I joined Speedy just over 3 years ago now as part of the graduate scheme straight from University. This was my first job that would lead me to my desired career and so as you can imagine I didn’t know what to expect, but it was evident from day 1 that I was going to love it! As part of the graduate scheme I was lucky enough to spend time in different departments to help me gain a wider understanding of the business and build relationships. One day I was in HR, the next I was jet washing vans and testing kit in Leeds Superstore and I even spent time in the HGVs delivering skyjacks at Warrington MSC. 

The graduate scheme provided me with strong foundations that have enabled me to progress into the management accountant role and since then the rest is history and I am now in the middle of completing my accountancy qualification. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the wider operations teams and getting stuck in with all things Speedy. 
For me Speedy is a unique business in that the pace is incredibly fast, in a good way. You’re constantly kept on your toes and we’re always focusing on ways we can build and move forward to be trusted to be the best company to do business with and the best to work for. When I joined I would always hear the words “it’s all about the people” and throughout the years this couldn’t have become more evident. I’ve met some amazing people and no matter who you speak to everyone has the same work ethic and motivation to support each other, it’s engrained in us all that we are “As one”. 
There will always be ups and downs but the ups definitely outweigh the downs and I can’t wait to see what the next three, and hopefully more, years have to offer. 

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