How to use an impact wrench

If you’ve got some stubborn bolts you need to remove, or even some you need to tighten up. Or maybe you want to get the wheels of your car! Then you’re going to need one of these. This is an impact wrench, and you can hire them from Speedy - the UK's number one hire company.

A couple of good things to remember when hiring from Speedy, all our hire equipment is checked, tested, cleaned and serviced before every hire and will all come ready to go. You’ll also notice a folder attached to your hire product, these are the safety and operating instructions, please make sure you read these before you begin your job.

It’s really important that you wear the correct PPE when handling and operating this piece of equipment, sturdy boots, gloves, eye protection and hearing protection are essential and any PPE you require, can be purchased from Speedy.

This impact wrench is really simple to use. Its battery operated and Speedy will supply a battery and a charger with your hire. 



To insert the battery, you simply slide it into the base of the wrench until you hear the click. Then to remove it hold down the release button and slide the battery back out.

You should always ensure that the battery is removed when you are not using the wrench or when you’re changing attachments.



You will need to ensure that you have the right sockets for the job you are undertaking, and Your Speedy service centre is on hand to advise on this if required. This wrench takes half inch impact sockets like this one and you can purchase the sockets you need from your Speedy service centre.

The sockets push into place like this and are removed by simply pulling them away again



On the side of the wrench there is a button that allows you to reverse the direction of the action. In general, you click it in on the right to tighten bolts, click it on the left to loosen.



Once you’re ready to go all you need to do is position your socket over the bolt and gently squeeze the trigger.

It’s always worth starting with light pressure on the trigger and gently increasing that pressure so you don’t damage the bolts you’re working on. These wrenches are really powerful and have a hammer action to help release and tighten bolts so don’t worry if there is a bit of noise and juddering.


If you have any issues with any of the products you hire from Speedy, just give your local Service Centre a call, as we are always happy to help, and remember to always check the safety guidance before you use any hire product.


Speedy Top Tip! Please watch our How-To Use an Impact Wrench Video


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