Introducing the Hilti DSH 600-X Cut Off Saw

The Hilti DSH 600-X model is designed to operate for four years, compared to the two-year lifespan of an average cut off saw used in construction. The saws have a disposal rate of 99.7%, meaning that almost all the product can be recycled and reused at its end of life or incinerated to generate energy.

The Hilti DSH 600-x cut-off saw is the most compact tool in the market with a blade brake and easy start, a light top-handle 63cc saw with cutting depth up to 120mm with 300mm blades.

Key product features include the saws producing 36% less vibration and faster blade stop than the main competitor, reducing the risk of exposure to hand arm vibration syndrome, fatigue, and other injuries. The saw can also cut deeper, has a 120mm cutting depth on a 300mm blade, with a water pump to minimise dust intake by the operator. This means more productivity, less equipment waste and reduced costs.




Top-handle designs for even more compactness and light weight

Fast blade stop - the blade stops in less than 10 seconds

Cutting depth up to 120mm with 300mm blades

Achieve even higher cutting speeds by using with customised Hilti blades

Pre-tensioned belt - no belt maintenance required by the user




• Laying paving: cutting curb stones and paving slabs to size

• Masonry work: cutting bricks and blocks to size

• Metalwork: cutting steel profiles, pipes, and steel sheets

• Construction work: cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls

• Sewage work: cutting where working space is limited


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