Milwaukee Minibox Level


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The Milwaukee Minibox Level is a compact and reliable Levelling Tool that delivers precise measurements with exceptional ease. Ideal for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, its small size allows for effortless portability, fitting comfortably in your pocket or tool belt.

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Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight aluminium box profile fits easily into your tool belt or pocket
  • Solid acrylic vial. Shockproof and UV resistant vials
  • Shockproof end caps
  • Accurate to 0.029° (0.0005 ″/ in, 0.5 mm/ m) in standard position
  • VPA third party certificate on accuracy

Specifications and product comparison

Length: mm 100 -- -- --
Product Brand Milwaukee OX Products Milwaukee Milwaukee
Product Ref Number 4932459100 OX-T020608 4932464602 4932464603
Length: m -- 8 5 8