Mini Excavator - 0.8t

Mini Excavator - 0.8t

Product Code: 27/0170-h

This powerful mini excavator tracks through a 76cm (2ft 6in) doorway with ease making it ideal for working inside buildings or in rear gardens. And with a low ground bearing pressure, the Micro is just as well suited to landscaping duties.

Features and Benefits
  • The user-friendly controls mean the micro excavator is straightforward to use and is ideally suited to trench digging alongside walls.
Weight 1.11t
Model 8008
Height 2.2m
Width 710mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.5ltr
Boom Swing Left 70deg
Boom Swing Right 70deg
Reach 3.1m
Length 2.79m
Fuel Diesel
Max Digging Depth 1.91m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Fuel Tank Capacity Boom Swing Left Boom Swing Right Reach Length Fuel Max Digging Depth Decibel Reading: dB[A] Price
Mini Excavator - 0.8t 1.11t 2.2m 710mm 11.5ltr 70deg 70deg 3.1m 2.79m Diesel 1.91m N/A

Mini Excavator - Utility - 1.5t 1.6t 2.32m 980mm 23.5ltr 55deg 75deg 3.8m 3.35m Diesel 2.14m Cab External: 93; Cab Internal: 77

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