Spring Cleaning Inspiration

We’ve all heard of the term spring cleaning. Nothing is nicer than giving your home a refresh, ready for the nicer weather and longer days. Speedy has all of the jobs to be done below.

From the tasks you can easily otherwise forget about, to hacks you’ve never heard about - it is never too early to make a start on your to-do list.

When carrying out the below, always wear the appropriate PPE. Cover bare skin with clothing or disposable covers, and wear gloves and a mask if working with cleaning fluids. You’ll also want to wear eye goggles or glasses to protect from any splashes into the face.




Speedy Hire’s 7 Step Spring-Cleaning Checklist

  1. Freshen your musty carpets

One of the best things you can do is hire a professional carpet cleaning machine and give your carpets a deep clean.

Not only can it make your room look cleaner (as the original carpet colour returns), but you’ll also get a shock at how dirty and grimy your carpets actually are. Invisible dirt can bury right into the fibres, so carpet cleaning should be done every 6 months or so.

Cleaning your carpets will get rid of bacteria and built-up dust and dirt. Those muddy winter walk footprints will be gone forever, and so will those deeper stains you thought would never disappear.

Most carpet cleaners have a handheld attachment which can also be used for spot cleaning or use on the stairs or sofa.


  1. Steam clean your furnishings

Curtains, rugs, and mattresses can’t easily be thrown into the washing machine. Whether this is because of their size or because of the fabric, it doesn’t mean they can’t be cleaned.

A steam cleaner uses steam at high heat to fight grime and bacteria. Because it is steam and no other cleaning chemicals, it is safe to use on most fabrics (but do always check beforehand).

Steam will also kill dust mites, get rid of fleas and their eggs, and make everything smell a bit nicer too. A must-do when deep cleaning your home.

Read our guide on how to use a steam cleaner and then hire professional-standard steam cleaners from Speedy online or in local depots.

Wear protective eyeglasses and cover bare skin when working with steam.


  1. Wipe down your walls & tiles

Greasy fingerprints, dust, and general dirt can make your walls dirty. Take a close look if you don’t believe us; we bet you’ll find splashes of muddy water and specks of dust.

Use a damp microfibre cloth to get rid of it all. Start at the bottom and work your way down. Also, clean the skirting boards and door frames. For these, some disinfectant could also help bring them up to their original sparkling white colour.

Skip dampening the cloth if you’re wiping wallpaper, though.

SPEEDY TOP TIP: Walls are high, so if you’re on your own or don’t feel confident using a ladder, why not use a floor mop instead? Dampen the cleaning pad and you will be able to reach higher while standing safely on the floor.

If you need to repaint the walls as they’re beyond cleaning, read our guide on how to use a paint sprayer, which will help you get the job done in record time.


  1. Deep clean the kitchen

By deep cleaning, we don’t mean wiping down the kitchen benches and mopping the floor. We mean bring everything out of the cupboards, check dates, disinfect and dry shelves, and reorganise in terms of priority use and what makes the most sense to your family.

Do the same with the fridge and freezer, cleaning the drawers and shelves and checking food is still fresh.

Then, check everything else. Vacuum all of those gaps (move the fridge and washing machine out, if possible, first). Reseal around the kitchen sink if needed. Clean the cooker hood and replace the filters, too.


  1. Dust lampshades

When was the last time you did this? You can’t remember, can you? Don’t worry, we are the same.

Grab a vacuum cleaner, and remove the lampshades if possible. Then give them a vacuum, and possibly a wipe with a damp cloth if they are marked. If the shade can’t be removed, just go easy and be gentle.

While you have the vacuum in hand, use the hose and attachments to vacuum as high up as you can. This will get rid of all the dust which has risen to the ceiling when you’ve had your central heating on over winter.


  1. Get glass gleaming

White vinegar can be your friend here. From the shower screen to windows and even vases, spray with white vinegar and wipe with a lint-free clean cloth. They’ll be gleaming in no time.

SPEEDY TOP TIP: White vinegar can also be used for shining stainless steel, such as your kettle or toaster, kitchen tap, sink and draining board. You can also use it in place of fabric conditioner to keep towels fluffy. So, always keep some to hand!


  1. Pack away winter clothing

…and any pillows and blankets you had out to keep you warm while watching telly at night.

While we can still get cold snaps as late as the end of March, the worst of the bad weather is over, so now is a good time to make use of vacuum bags and store coats, jumpers, and other warm clothes away.



And when you’re done…

Why not get out into the garden and make a start on the long list of jobs there?! You’ll thank yourself once you can enjoy the weather.

Try adding some colour to your garden, or laying a patio so you can dine al fresco.

You’ll find all of the inspiration needed on Speedy’s news and advice page. When done, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram.

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