According to the HSE, there are two words employees should remember that will help them to stay safe on a building site – competence and hazards.

The first one reminds individuals they should only attempt tasks they are fully competent in, particularly if the work involves specialist equipment hire or training.

Removing hazards is the other key thing to remember. Construction workers should not walk past a hazard and ignore it in the hope someone else will report it to management. This is an unhelpful approach and even if a person cannot deal with the hazard themselves, they should at least inform the site manager or health and safety representative.

Speedy offers a health and safety assessment service to help plan and deliver solutions that will keep construction sites running smoothly and in a risk-free manner. If health and safety rules are not followed, businesses can lose vital time and money – as well as a good reputation – so it is in the interests of everyone to ensure workers are safe and doing their jobs while fully protected from any potential hazards.

Our health and safety solutions support you in your day-to-day tasks rather than hinder them and we offer technical expertise, accident investigation and training, as well as our tool hire services.

By following this guide and with our support, you can be safe in the knowledge you are fully protected when you go to work on a construction site each day.

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