Home & DIY Inspiration for the New Year


If your new year’s resolution involves planning and undertaking some DIY around the home and in the garden, but you’re unsure of what to do and where to start, look no further.

Think back to last year, and what you’d change if you could. Did you avoid your garden because it lacks colour or a suitable place to sit? Is the door to the spare bedroom permanently closed because it hasn’t seen a paintbrush in years? Do you lack storage in your home?

We are big fans of the ‘give it a go’ motto here at Speedy, so if you want to stick to a budget, there’s no reason why you can’t make some transformations yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ve got the right equipment—we have all of the tools you’d possibly need, available to hire online and from over 200 depots across the UK. This will save you money, storage space, and the need to resell equipment.

If you’re making a to-do list of tasks over the upcoming year, we have some ideas below.


Patio the garden

While the dark mornings and nights may seem a world away from summer right now, we have some news—it’s coming.

Not long after the new year comes pre-8 am sunrises and post-4.30 pm sunsets. While we are still a little way away from being able to dine al fresco, it is good to start thinking about those warm summer evenings.

If your garden is currently not giving you anywhere to sit and have dinner, why not consider laying a patio? This is one of the easiest DIY tasks you can undertake in the garden and will transform your outdoor space.

You might need to hire a cement mixer if laying over a large area, and an angle grinder for cutting patio slabs. A plate compactor/whacker plate will help to level the ground before cementing.

Ensure you wear PPE such as gloves, eye protection and clothing protection, and choose a dry day. Opting for early spring is best; it won’t be too warm to spend all day in the sun.

Measure up, choose your patio stones, read up on how to mix cement, and prepare your area.


Grow your fruit and veg

Lacking colour in your garden? Want to make the most of your space? Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great hobby to have, and so rewarding.

Read our guide on how to start a vegetable garden. You’ll need to time sowing and growing, and remember to water and feed everything, but if there are particular foods you love and eat often in summer, it’s great to have them to hand in your garden.

SPEEDY TOP TIP: To prepare for the increase in watering, plan now and install a water butt in your garden. May as well make the most of all of the rain we are getting…

If you don’t want to plant straight into the ground, or your garden soil isn’t of great quality, you may want to consider building a raised garden bed. This means there’s no structural damage to your garden, it can be lined to prevent weeds from growing through, and it can be easier to bend down and harvest your goods.


Revitalise your tiles

Tiling is one of the easiest ways to transform your tired kitchen or bathroom. They’re essential for keeping water off the walls, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Metro tiles are stylish, and large flat tiles are easy to keep clean. Opting for colourful tiles can help liven up a space, as well. You need to remove existing tiles, before fitting any new ones.

Our guide on how to tile a wall will help you out and remember we have all the hire tools you need to get the job done, such as an invaluable tile cutter which will cut cleanly and safely.


Choose laminate

Need to refresh your living space for spring? Tired of muddy feet and paws messing up your cream carpet? Fitting laminate flooring (in your most used rooms particularly) can not only make cleaning much easier but can also immediately make rooms look a touch more modern.

It is simple to install yourself if you’re willing to have a go. Just measure up, choose your boards, and prepare the floor by removing the carpet and any carpet grippers.

You’ll also need some underlay and remember to wear PPE such as gloves and eye protection. Hire a jigsaw from Speedy for cutting your boards to size.


Clean your carpets

While we rave about laminate as it is easier to keep clean, there are benefits to having a carpet as well. It can help with soundproofing, be less draughty, and give the room an overall warmer feel. Of course, if you are renting your home, you may not have a choice in flooring type either.

It is generally a good idea to give your carpets a good clean at least once or twice every year. This may have to be increased if you have pets or children, or are prone to wearing shoes in the house.

You can hire carpet cleaners from Speedy Services, hiring them for as long as you need to get the whole house done. Read our guide on how to use a carpet cleaner on our blog.

A carpet cleaner can remove visible dirt, but it is often the invisible dirt you have to think about too. Dust, germs, and bacteria can all thrive in a deep pile carpet, especially if you have a busy home. This isn’t good if you have kids or pets. A carpet cleaner will remove these and leave the carpet looking cleaner, and the room smelling fresher too.




Thank you for reading our Speedy Services blog, we hope you’re feeling inspired for the year ahead!

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