Now Live Online - Speedy Customer Solutions


Speedy’s range of Customer Solutions products and services is now live on the website, making our offering digital so you can browse our full selection in one place.

By launching Customer Services online, we’ve made it easier for customers to do business with us.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why Customer Solutions gives you bespoke, diverse resolutions to your needs and tasks.


To find out more about our Customer Solutions Call: 0808 258 4143 or Email: customersolutions@speedyservices.com


Emma McDermott, Customer Solutions Director, says:

‘I’m excited about the new opportunities this digital offering will bring to Speedy. By launching Customer Solutions online, we are able to provide the great customer experience we are bringing to life through Velocity’


What is Speedy Customer Solutions?

Speedy Customer Solutions is part of the wider Solutions arm of the Speedy business. Customer Solutions allows clients to hire a wide range of products and services, bespoke to their needs, all from one supplier.

We understand that every customer has varied requirements, so Customer Solutions allows you to build your tailored package with ease, as one singular bundle.

Speedy Solutions has been providing customers with bespoke packages since 2008, so we have built up long-standing relationships with world-class brands and providers. These complement Speedy’s core hire ranges, meaning you can hire everything you need for your project from one place.

Working with outside businesses means we can offer the most comprehensive, specialist selection of tools and equipment possible.



Why choose Customer Solutions?

We work with trusted providers to ensure all hire products are quality, and that the hire process is seamless.

Our providers are recognised names in their industry, which you will be familiar with.

Speedy provides your perfect solution by understanding individual customers and the markets they work in. Our team works as an extension of your team, meaning administration costs are reduced. Costs are also consolidated into singular payments, giving you one less headache.

You also have just one port of call to deal with if there are any issues, or if you want to change your package.

  • Access to quality trusted products, and companies
  • One port of call to deal with
  • Consolidated spending
  • Control of spend
  • Reduced administration
  • Full process and site setup available
  • Large fleet available
  • Specialist knowledge and technical support are available


What can Customer Solutions help with?

We offer:

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